Evan Goldman is about to turn 13 and he can not wait. His life is going swell until his parents get a divorce and he is forced to move with him mom from New York to Appleton, Indiana.


  • "13/Becoming a Man" - Evan, Cast
  • "The Lamest Place in the World" -Patrice
  • "Hey Kendra" - Eddie, Malcolm, Brett, Lucy, Kendra
  • "13 (Reprise)" - Evan, Cast
  • "Get Me What I Need" - Archie, Cast
  • "What It Means to Be a Friend" - Patrice
  • "All Hail the Brain/Terminal Illness" - Evan, Archie, Cast
  • "All Hail the Brain (Reprise)" - Brett, Evan, Kids
  • "Getting Ready" - Archie, Evan, Brett, Patrice, Eddie, Malcolm, Kendra, Lucy
  • "Any Minute" - Brett, Kendra, Patrice, Archie
  • "Good Enough" - Patrice
  • "Being a Geek" - Evan, Rabbi, Rabbis
  • "Bad Bad News" - Eddie, Malcolm, Simon, Richie
  • "Tell Her" - Evan, Patrice
  • "It Can't Be True" - Lucy, Molly, Cassie, Charlotte, Eddie, Malcolm, Simon, Richie
  • "If That's What It Is" - Archie, Patrice, Evan
  • "A Little More Homework" - Evan, Charlotte, Cassie, Molly, Kids
  • "Brand New You" - Cassie, Charlotte, Molly, Kids


Character Original Goodspeed Cast Original Broadway Cast Original West End Cast
Evan Goldman Graham Phillips (Corey Snide on Matinee performances) Guy Harvey
Patrice Allie Trimm Sienna Kelly
Archie Aaron Simon Gross Tim Mahendran
Brett Eric Nelson Jacques Miche
Kendra Ashton Smalling Delancey Moro Hannah Thompson
Lucy Elizabeth Gillies Georgia Riley
Eddie Al Calderon Jack Cashion
Malcolm Kyle Crews Malik Hammond Robin Franklin
Molly Caitlin Gann Lindsay Kearns
Charlotte Ariana Grande Lauren Ellington
Cassie Taylor Bright Brynn Williams Amara Okereke
Simon Joey La Varco Toby Turpin
Richie Eamon Foley Sario Watanabe-Solomon