1492 Up To Date is a burlesque extravaganza created in observance of the quadricentennial of Columbus's finding the New World. The plot is based on Columbus, but in a burlesque type of style. But, it has very little to do with his actual historical story.


Act 1

  • "Give Us Cash, Give Us Cash" - Chorus
  • "What Provokes a Gladsome Smile" - Treasurer, Chorus
  • "I've Dared to Whisper That I Love Thee" - Joanna, Columbus
  • "You All Think Dignity Does Pervade Royalty" - King, Chorus
  • "Ferdinand of Aragon" - Grand Processional, Ballet
  • "Isabella Is a Sov'reign of Notoriety" - Queen, Chorus
  • "Spanish Dance"
  • "Adios Bella Hispania" - Chorus, Queen

Act 2

  • "Toss'd and Shaken by the Billows of the Deep" - Columbus, Chorus
  • "Herald, Tribune and Times" - Chorus of Newsboys
  • "We are Careless Chorus Maidens"