Falsettos is the story of a large, eccentric, and dysfunctional -- but loving -- Jewish family in New York at the end of the 1970s. Initially, Marvin seems blessed with the perfect family. He has a caring wife, Trina and a young son, Jason. Nevertheless, the family is soon broken apart, when the homosexual Marvin leaves Trina for a man called Whizzer.

Trina, meanwhile, ends up romantically involved with the family psychiatrist, Mendel. All the while, their son, Jason, is stuck in the middle. Included in the mix are lesbian neighbors Dr. Charlotte and Cordelia. When Marvin's lover, Whizzer, is diagnosed with AIDS, the entire family -- non-traditional as it may be -- must put aside their issues and come together. [1]

Notes: This two-act musical is in fact a synthesis of a trilogy of one acts: In Trousers, March of the Falsettos, and Falsettoland.


Act 1

  • "Four Jews in a Room Bitching" -Whizzer, Marvin, Jason, Mendel
  • "A Tight Knit Family" -Marvin, Mendel
  • "Love is Blind" -Marvin, Jason
  • "Thrill of First Love" -Marvin, Whizzer
  • "Marvin at the Psychiatrist (A Three-Part Mini Opera)" -Jason, Mendel, Whizzer, Marvin
  • "Everyone Tells Jason to See a Phsychiatrist" -Jason, Marvin, Trina, Whizzer
  • "This Had Better Come to a Stop" -Marvin, Whizzer, Jason, Trina, Mendel
  • "I'm Breaking Down" -Trina
  • "Jason's Therapy" -Mendel, Trina, Whizzer, Marvin, Jason
  • "A Marriage Proposal" -Mendel, Trina, Jason
  • "Trina's Song" -Trina
  • "March of the Falsettos" -Mendel, Marvin, Jason, Whizzer
  • "Trina's Song" (Reprise) -Trina
  • "The Chess Game" -Marvin, Whizzer
  • "Making A Home" -Mendel, Jason, Trina, Whizzer
  • "The Games I Play" -Whizzer
  • "Marvin Goes Crazy" -Marvin, Mendel, Jason, Trina, Whizzer
  • "I Never Wanted to Love You" -Marvin, Mendel, Jason, Trina, Whizzer
  • "Father to Son" -Marvin, Jason

Act 2

  • "Welcome to Falsettoland" -Company
  • "The Year of the Child" -Company
  • "Miracle of Judaism" -Company
  • "The Baseball Game" -Company
  • "A Day in Falsettoland" -Company
  • "The Fight" / "Everyone Hates His Parents" -Mendel, Jason, Marvin, Trina
  • "What More Can I Say" -Marvin, Whizzer
  • "Something Bad Is Happening" -Charlotte, Cordelia
  • "Holding to the Ground" -Trina
  • "Days Like This" -Company
  • "Cancelling the Bar Mitzvah" -Jason, Mendel, Trina
  • "Unlikely Lovers" -Marvin, Whizzer, Charlotte, Cordelia
  • "Another Miracle of Judaism" -Jason
  • "You Gotta Die Sometime" -Whizzer
  • "Jason's Bar Mitzvah" -Company
  • "What Would I Do?" -Marvin, Whizzer


Character March of the

Falsettos (1981)





Cast (1992)



Cast (2016)

Marvin Michael Rupert Christian Borle
Whizzer Stephen Bogardus Andrew Rannells
Trina Alison Fraser Faith Prince Barbara Walsh Stephanie J. Block
Mendel Chip Zien Brandon Uranowitz
Jason James Kushner Danny Gerard Jonathan Kaplan Anthony Rosenthal
Charlotte Does Not Appear Heather MacRae Tracie Thomas
Cordelia Does Not Appear Janet Metz Carolee Carmello Betsy Wolfe